Testimony of Fabien, gone to Madrid with his friends, coached by Ramiro Choya


“Our 3-day intensive padel course in Madrid organized by Thibault de ToPadel went wonderfully !! Great communication, everything was clear and precise, it’s thanks to him that we went there eyes closed ! Thank you again if you read me !

We were lucky to be coached by a legend of Spanish padel Mr Ramiro Choya, the current coach of Paquito Navarro. We had the chance to be the first 5 of ToPadel to experience the brand new academy of Paquito located just 20 minutes away from the center of Madrid. 7 covered courts and an outdoor, without sand that slips, brand new. The second coach, Floren Garcia, was just amazing, 20 years of coaching at the pro level, MBA in sports management, some books on padel, and so listening and friendly !! What we have learned above all is the match situations. Strategy and tactics of games, mechanisms like succession of shots (chiquita – fly or vibora-back end volleyball in the left corner, etc.).

We didn’t make a lot of hoops and little technique per se – no hoops with 200 bandejas in a row… I think this kind of exercise can be done with any coach back home. 4 hours a day – we were exhausted though. We gave everything, we laughed and we think we have improved a little, in any case an amazing experience in Spain, we are already looking at the next destination. There is a bar on site that serves the best Pan con tomate in Madrid, do not hesitate.” 

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