“Ramiro Choya is one of the pioneers of padel in Spain. He became padel coach of stars like Paquito Navarro !”


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Paquito Navarro Academy in Madrid


Padel lessons :
Rates for 1 hour
Individual lesson = €110
Lesson for 2 people = €120, which is €60 per person
Lesson for 3 people = €120, which is €40 per person
Lesson for 4 people = €120, which is €30 per person


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The story of Ramiro Choya, padel coach in Madrid

Ramiro Choya started playing padel as a player in 1987 in Madrid. He was part of the first players to get involved in the discipline. A true pioneer and also an excellent player. Indeed, he will become the number 1 Spanish player in 1993 ! He won the title of European Champion 3 times in 1993, 1995 and 1997 with the Spanish national team. He was twice vice-champion with the same national team at a time when padel arrived quickly in Spain, but was still dominated by South Americans, many of whom would come to continue their career in Spain.

After his player’s career, Ramiro dedicated himself to coaching. He was the co-founder of the Teaching Area of the Spanish Padel Federation in which he was the head coach for 12 years ! This shows how Ramiro is an inexhaustible source of both technical and tactical knowledge for players who will cross his path for a padel course in Spain by his side ! He is probably one of the most famous padel coaches in Madrid, having coached many of the world’s greatest players : Paquito Navarro, Juan Lebron, Pablo Lima, Sanyo Gutierrez, Alex Ruiz, Marta Ortega… Once again, we cannot list all of them !

Ramiro Choya’s international career as a coach

If he was captain / coach of national teams such as Spain, but also Brazil or Qatar, Ramiro also distinguished himself on the professional tour. Especially in the greatest years of the World Padel Tour, now First Padel. In 2017, he was named best coach in the world ! Nonetheless, it’s not over, because in 2019, he will lead Paquito Navarro / Juan Lebron (100% Spanish), to become World Number 1. The first time that 2 Spanish in pairs managed to surpass the Argentinian players who have been trusting this position for years ! So far, Ramiro Choya is still the coach of Paquito Navarro that he trains every day. And if he is not on an international tournament, there is a good chance that you can see him before or after your padel course in Madrid since many pros still occupy Ramiro’s schedule.

Ramiro Choya is again involved in 2024 in the coaching of the new pair Navarro/ Lebron following the separation of Lebron with Galan.

Training alongside him is a real privilege to put your padel at the top level ! You will inevitably leave with lots of keys to develop your game technically and tactically. Here you have the top of the top padel coaches in Spain.

coach and technical referent for the biggest brands : ramiro choya

Ramiro Choya has such knowledge that an international brand like Oxdog has made him his technical referent since its creation. in order to benefit from all its experience to develop its future racket ranges in accordance with his recommendations. Oxdog has become today one of the most important brands apart from the Spanish or Argentinian actors who are the historical nations of padel. The Swedish brand has convinced many European and even professional players such as Téo Zapata who will adopt the brand in 2024.

And once again, the innovations and know-how were imagined alongside Ramiro Choya to improve the performance of players.

Ramiro is joining today the team of Spanish coaches at ToPadel for padel lessons and camps in Madrid !

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