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Padel lessons :
Rates for 1 hour
On weekends = +€10 per hour
Individual lesson = €50
Lesson for 2 people = €50, or €25 per person
Lesson for 3 people = €60, or €20 per person
Lesson for 4 people = €60, or €15 per person


From Monday to Sunday


His journey with padel is a blend of passion and dedication that has evolved over the years. He discovered this wonderful sport over a decade ago and has been continuously learning and growing as both a player and a coach since then.

His first encounter with padel occurred when a friend invited him to play on a local court in his hometown. Despite having no prior experience in the sport, Roberto knew he had stumbled upon something special from the moment he struck his first ball. The combination of strategy, coordination, and intensity with every point scored immediately drew him in. From that moment, he began playing regularly and sought opportunities to enhance his playing skills.

His passion for padel deepened when he had the chance to receive lessons from a professional coach. As his playing level improved, so did his desire to share his knowledge and help others develop their abilities. This led him to decide on a career as a padel coach to pass on his love for the sport to others.

Over the years, he has had the privilege of working with players of different levels and ages, both locals and foreigners. These experiences have allowed him to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by foreign players who come to Seville, Spain, to enjoy padel. Roberto is confident that his combined experiences as a player and coach, along with his ability to communicate in multiple languages, have prepared him to offer a rewarding experience to those looking to improve their skills while benefiting from the beautiful setting the city provides.

In summary, his padel career began with a personal passion that transformed into a dedicated career to help others discover and cultivate their love for this sport. Roberto considers it a privilege to work as a padel coach with individuals from all corners of the globe and to share his enthusiasm for the sport with those who want to learn and grow through it.

Today, he joins the ToPadel teams.


  1. Hitting technique: This is the foundation of the game in padel. It is crucial to teach players how to correctly strike the ball with the racket to achieve the required control and power. Working on grip, body positioning, and the trajectory of the shot are essential aspects.
  2. Court movement: Mobility and the ability to move effectively on the court are crucial for capitalizing on attacking opportunities. Teaching players to anticipate the game and position themselves accordingly is essential.
  3. Team play: Padel is a team sport, and communication and coordination with one’s partner are fundamental. Teaching strategies for working as a team, such as changing positions and making joint decisions, can make a difference.

  1. Court positioning: A crucial aspect in defensive play. Teaching players to protect the angles and maintain a good defensive position to defend against opponent shots is essential.
  2. Reflexes and reaction: Quick reflexes and the ability to react to opponent shots are important for defense. Training should include exercises to improve agility and the ability to return the most challenging balls.
  3. Patience and endurance: Padel defense often involves holding one’s position until an opportunity arises to counterattack. Teaching players patience, physical endurance, and mental resilience is fundamental.a

  1. Different ways of serving: Teaching a variety of effective serves such as flat serves, lifted serves, and short serves can surprise the opponent and increase the difficulty of returning the ball.
  2. Precision: Precision in serving is essential to avoid errors. Working on the placement and depth of the serve can make a difference in the game.
  3. Mindset while serving: Instilling a positive and aggressive mindset in players during the serve can help in winning points.

In summary, the keys to success in padel involve a combination of techniques, strategies, teamwork, and physical and mental endurance throughout all phases of the game. As a coach, my goal would be to help players develop these skills and understand the importance of each aspect in progressing effectively in padel.


  1. Fundamental Techniques: The foundation of every successful padel player lies in a strong and controlled strike. His classes focus on teaching and refining these techniques. Working on the consistency and precision of these aspects is essential for progress.
  2. Strategy and Tactics: According to Roberto, it’s not just about hitting the ball; it’s about knowing when and how to do it. He teaches his students to understand the strategy and tactics of the game, including court positioning, teamwork, and how to exploit opponents’ weaknesses.
  3. Physical Fitness and Mobility: Endurance and agility are vital in padel. Within his classes, Roberto includes specific physical fitness exercises for padel that help students improve their movements, strength, and endurance, allowing them to maintain consistency during matches.
  4. Mindset and Concentration: To have a good mindset in the game, it is crucial not to underestimate oneself. Working on developing the right mindset for students involves staying focused, having confidence in their abilities, and managing pressure.
  5. Feedback and Analysis: He provides constant feedback to his students, both during lessons and after matches. He analyzes their performances and gives specific advice for improvement. Video analysis is also a valuable tool to identify areas for improvement.
  6. Individual Adaptation: Every player is unique, which is why he tailors his approach to meet the needs of each individual. Some may need more work on technique, while others may need more focus on strategy or physical fitness.
  7. Fun and Motivation: Roberto helps cultivate a love for the game and motivation to improve. Lessons should be both enjoyable and uplifting, helping students maintain their enthusiasm for padel.
  8. Respect and Sportsmanship: “I teach my students the importance of respecting their teammates, opponents, and the rules of the game,” says Roberto. For him, sports ethics are a fundamental requirement for a positive padel experience.

In summary, his padel lessons are based on a comprehensive approach that combines proper technique, strategy, and physical and mental conditioning. His primary goal is to provide his students with the necessary tools to progress and enjoy padel, regardless of their initial skill level, successfully achieving their goals in this exciting sport.


  1. Experiences in other countries and languages: Roberto has a solid and extensive experience in the world of padel, both in English and Spanish, as he has been involved in the discipline for many years. This includes working with countries such as Belgium. Roberto is accustomed to working with players of different levels, from beginners to high-level players. This has allowed him to gain a deep understanding of the needs and challenges that each player faces.
  2. Competitive level: Roberto’s experience is not limited to teaching; he has also competed at competitive levels of padel. This has allowed him to understand, from both a technical and mental perspective, what is necessary to succeed on the court.
  3. Padel physical trainer: Roberto places great importance on developing young talents in the discipline. He has trained young players over extended periods, helping them improve their physical, muscular, and respiratory abilities, as well as fostering a consistent love for the sport. He is aware of the importance of establishing strong foundations from a young age.
  4. Mental preparation: “I recognize the importance of mental preparation in padel,” says Roberto. He has developed and implemented effective mental training techniques that help players keep their composure, increase their self-confidence, and maximize their performance on the court.
  5. Women’s padel: He has experience in training female padel players, allowing him to address the specific needs and key points of women’s padel. Roberto understands the differences in the game and in strategies that can be more effective for female players.
  6. Personalized approach: Each player is unique, and Roberto’s training approach is to adapt to the individual needs of his students. Roberto works closely with them to set specific goals and create personalized training plans.
  7. Communication skills: Roberto possesses effective communication skills that allow him to convey technical and strategic concepts in a simple and understandable manner. “This is particularly valuable when working with people from all countries, where communication can be a challenge.”
  8. Passionate about padel: Roberto’s passion for padel is evident in his teaching and coaching style. Transmitting this passion is fundamental to motivate and help students enjoy the sport to the fullest.


“You will start by acquiring a solid foundation. Dedicate time to learning and perfecting basic striking techniques, such as serving, volleys, and forehand and backhand shots. Focus on consistency and precision before worrying about power. Additionally, enjoy the learning process without getting discouraged by mistakes. Play regularly with a coach who guides you and provides feedback. Consistent practice and patience are the keys to improvement in this emotionally rich sport.”

“At this level, your technique is already solid, but continuous improvement is essential. You work on the variability of your shots to surprise and unbalance your opponents. You take time to study your opponents and develop specific strategies to face different playing styles. You do not underestimate the importance of mental preparation; emotional control and confidence in your game can make the difference in challenging moments. You continue to work on your physical condition to maintain agility and endurance. Finally, never stop loving padel. The passion for the game is what has driven you to continue improving and reaching new goals.”

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